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What is Fiber cement?

Fibre cement is a composite material made of sand, cement and cellulose fibers. In appearance fibre cement cladding most often consists of overlapping horizontal boards, imitating wooden cladding, and clapboard.

Benefits of Fiber Cement

Tough and Flexible.
Fire Resistant.
Versatile in application.
Rapid Installation Suitable for all types of Finishes.
Resistant to rot and water damage.
Not affected by termite or other insect/vermin attack.
When installed and used correctly, it does not crack or warp.
Virtually maintenance-free cost effective.

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Fiber cement corrugated roof sheet introduction

Corrugated fibercement sheets are used for roofs applications, and not only, it can be successfully used for exterior cladding (facades).
Why we introduce the fiber cement corrugated roof sheet to you?

1.are made from materials that do not harm human health and the environment
2.durability, without requiring maintenance
3.reduced costs for installations of the roof structure
4.low cost with accessories
5.easy to handle and install, low weight
6.no noise when raining and no static load
7.high resistance to freeze – thaw
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Application and advantage of fiber cement sheet

Fiber cement Sheets can be used for all residential wet area flooring applications including bathrooms and laundries.


•Immune to permanent water damage
•Will not rot
•Easy to install

Fiber cement Sheet can be fixed directly to structural framing to form a strong and water resistant flooring substrate for all domestic wet area applications.

Fiber cement Sheet is a dense, high strength, durable building product that is impervious to water. It has a smooth flat surface and a square edge finish. ...

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Advantage of Fiber cement sheeting

Fibre cement roofing sheet is robust and won’t rot or decay, making it ideal for use in exposed areas. Available in a range of colours and in Big Six profile, our max length of fibre cement roofing sheet is 3600 long.


•Highly cost effective weatherproofing
•An environmentally friendly asbestos-free, reinforced fibre cement sheet
•Virtually maintenance free
•Resistant to chemical attack, rust, rot and corrosion
•Available in a range of painted colours
•Manufactured to meet British and European building standards

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Fiber Cement Sheeting

Our Fibre Cement Sheets are durable, weatherproof and will not rot or decay. Nowadays this type of roofing is used as a replacement for Asbestos sheeting, being safer and often more affordable in comparison.

Our sheets are not affected by destructive fungi, vermin or insects. They will require no maintenance to preserve their strength and other properties.

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Our fiber cement cladding sheets are used for many external and internal purposes. The strong and cost-effective sheets not only exhibit a unique beauty, but they also help protect against fluctuating temperatures helping to reduce energy costs.
Our products are asbestos free flat sheets, double compressed and stabilized in an autoclave, and reinforced with mineralized cellulose fibers. All our products are an integrally colored material.

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