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Linear grooved surface Fiber Cement Facade

Linear Grooved Surface is the new large format fiber cement panel facade. It is perfect for making a special statement on both the interior and exterior of a building. There are 4 colors for your choile.

  • Dark grey fiber cement board
  • Light grey fiber cement board
  • White color fiber cement board
  • Black color fiber cement board

Through color liner-2_副本


Panel Size: 1220x2440mm;1200x2400mm, Max Length is 3000mm.

Thickness: 8mm to 12mm.

Application: Interior ...

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Fiber Cement Decorative Board, 8mm. groove Brick grain pattern, modern house wall panel design

Manufactured from Autoclave technology with asbestos-free formula, to answer to the demand for modern design and decoration. Facilitate the application and adaptation in different sections of a building both outdoor and indoor, features long service life, good tolerance to sunlight, rain; dense compact texture, safe from termites and weevils.

– Suitable for ceiling both inside and outside the house and reduce heat under the roof
– Outstanding ...

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Steel structure board

Steel structure board is made up from Portland cement, high strength wire mesh, and natural mineral reinforced cement as its main material, which is processed by pulping, high temperature with high pressure.

It is a kind of steel structure flooring board with high density to strength its shock resistance and loading force.

Technical data:

Specification  Thickness: 25/30mm;
Standard Specification:1220*2440
Tolerance: Length/Width: ±3mm;
Thickness: ±0.3mm;
Edge squareness: ≤4mm/m;
Diagonal Difference:≤4mm
Appearance  Square Edge 
Surface: Un-sanded
Physical Properties Density:                   1500–1700KG/M 3
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Press Panel Insulated Ready Wall of Prefabricated Buildings

Ranking among the new generation of excellent wall members, HBD has panel dimensions of 1100 x 2400 mm and 1100 x 2900 mm with standard panel thicknesses of 60 mm, 70mm,90mm, 80 mm and 100 mm or other size according to customer’s request. With a standard EPS density of 18-25 dns, HBD press panels can be produced in different density, dimensions and thicknesses, if requested.Press panels is produced in pressed facilities by using a special bonding agent to bring fiber ...

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Through-coloured natural grey fiber cement façade panel

Natural grey fiber cement façade panel, available in two standard sizes,(1220x2440mm and 1200x2400mm) is through-coloured natural grey and has a lightly sanded surface that only develops patina by the action of natural elements which does not have a coating. Changing weather conditions create a typical, natural play of shades of grey. Ideal for a façade with a robust but natural look.

Because of the lightly sanded surface of the fibre cement which exudes the purity of smooth concrete. In this way you ...

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PVC Laminated Calcium Silicate Ceiling Tile

Calcium silicate ceiling tiles are produced chiefly from organic fibers; subjected to high-temperature, high-pressure treatment. This is a completely incombustible, non-polluting safe environmentally-friendly building material.

  • Feature:Artistic Ceilings
  • Shape:Square
  • Type:Calcium Silicate Ceilings
  • Size: 600x600mm;595x595mm;600x1200mm;1200x1200mm
  • Thickness:5mm,5mm,6mm, other thickness according to customs needs.


  • Meets Class 1 fire resistance
  • Moisture- resistant
  • Weathering-resistant
  • Pressure-resistant
  • Soundproof
  • Insulating
  • Easy to cut and install

Calcium Silicate False Ceiling

Suitable for:

Schools, hospitals, plant and office buildings, apartments, etc.


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