Composition of fiber cement roofing

FIBER CEMENT ROOFING products are manufactured with the finest materials consisting of cement, sand, natural and synthetic fibers, pigment and additives, using state-of-the art technology.

The light weight and ease of application of FIBER CEMENT ROOFING products contribute substantially to economical construction thus affording a considerable savings in material and labor. FIBER CEMENT ROOFING products are durable, fire retardant and resistant to fungus, weather and time. The versatile FIBER CEMENTROOFING products are ideal for new homes, commercial, industrial or institutional projects, re-roofing or restorations and more. FIBER CEMENT ROOFING products complement any architectural style and are manufactured in different profiles and colors.

FIBER CEMENT ROOFING products have proven their longevity in actual weather conditions in all types of climates when installed by approved installers in accordance to local building codes and FIBER CEMENT TILE published installation guides. FIBER CEMENT ROOFING products resist termites and will not crack, rot or delaminate. They will not burn because they are made of non-combustible materials, they will not melt like other materials, nor will they generate toxic fumes or smoke when contacted by flame.


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