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Fiber cement sheeting

Fiber cement sheeting


Fiber Cement sheeting is made from a carefully formulated mix of cement and water, reinforced with a combination of both natural and man-made fibres. The long lasting nature of this formula has enabled to offer a 30-year guarantee on all its sheets and accessories.


· 30 year guarantee

· Quick and easy to install and fix

· Vapour permeability reduces condensation

· Ideal for livestock due to its excellent thermal and noise insulation

· Virtually Maintenance free

· No rust or corrosion

· Resistant to chemical attack

· Highly cost effective weatherproofing

· Wide product and colour range

· We carry all the following items in stock

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fiber cement corrugated sheets

Fiber cement corrugated sheets

Fiber cement corrugated sheets are made from natural raw materials. They are non-pollutant, compatible with their environment and ecologically harmless. Fiber cement products fully comply with the requirements of clients.

Fiber cement

Fiber cement is cement reinforced with fibers, which , in it is fresh, plastic state, is workable into virtually and shape and form. The curing process turns the material form-stable. The strong points of fiber cement are its excellent performance in severe weather conditions, favorable vapor permeability, ...

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Fiber cement manufacturer

Hocreboard, Manufacture of fiber cement products. The main products as below:


1. Fiber cement board

2. Calcium silicate board

3. Calcium silicate ceiling board

4. Fiber cement roofing sheet

5. Mgo board



They can used for residential house and commercial house.



More information, please visit at www.hocre-board.com

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Mgo roofing sheet

Product Description
New Generation High-strength Fire-proofing & Heat Insulation Green Magnesium Oxide Roofing Materials, Can Fully Substitute

Different Kinds Of Traditional Roofing Materials, Such As Color Steel Sheet, Cement Sheet And Asbestos Corrugated Shingle

Product Feature
MgO Roofing Materials Six Features

1.High-Strength, Typhoon Resistance

2.Fireproofing & Heat Insulation

3.Environmental, 100% Asbestos Free

4. .Acid & Alkali-Resistant

5.5.Long life, 20 Year of Product Life

6..Low Comprehensive Application Costs New Generation of Substituted Roofing Materials of Corrugated Color Steel Roofing Sheet

1. As its excellent acid & alkali resisting, high temperature resistance performance, it is especially suitable for being used in the factory building of chemical industry,

electroplate, paint, paper making, steel etc factories, it has excellent performance advantages over the color steel sheet.

2. Can be widely used in the ordinary factory building, ordinary house, warehouse, market, shed etc.



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Non-asbestos fiber cement roofing sheet

We are a premier manufacturer & exporter of non-asbestos cement roofing sheets, non asbestos roofing sheets,fiber cement roofing sheets, which are made of high grade non- asbestos cement and are reinforced with fiber.

These are perfect to be used in wide applications with primary ones are greenhouse, horticulture, agriculture, industry house, factory, shed, rain-shield, plant cultivation farm, light absorbing facilities etc. We manufacture all of our products including non-asbestos cement roofing sheets in our state of the art manufacturing facility which ...

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Calcium Silicate board and Fiber cement board

Calcium Silicate Board, which is a porous material, with good sound insulation, heat insulation, in the case of indoor air

humidity in the air to attract water molecules, air dry, will release the water molecules, can properly adjust the indoor dry,

humidity, increase comfortable.

At the same time, it”s also a super fireproof material, in the flame to produce an endothermic reaction, while the release of water

molecules prevent the spread of fire, and will not break any toxic, corrosive, and suffocating gas, it doesn’t produce any material

or combustion flue gas.

Comparison with fiber board, the calcium silicate board retained on the exterior beauty of fiber board, weight much lower than

the fiber board but more stronger than the fiber board, completely changed the deformation due to damp, several times to extend

the life of the material; eliminate noise in the sound and thermal insulation and other functions, too has increased over fiber board.


More information, please visit at http://www.hocre-board.com/products/calcium-silicate-board and  http://www.hocre-board.com/products/fiber-cement-board

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Tile board

Tile board, also known as backer board,. Tile board is not actually a board, nor is it made out of wood. Tile board can be purchased in varying widths, thickness and lengths.Tile board has taken the place of poured concrete beds for the installation of tile.


Tile board is mostly constructed out of glass fibers and cement.This type of tile board is not totally waterproof, but it is highly resistant to water. For the use of tile, it is formed into sheets. Tile board does not warp or mold, and is used often for tile installation jobs.


The purpose of tile board is to provide a solid level surface for setting tile. It is used as a backer for tub and shower surrounds, and for floor tile in the absence of a concrete sub floor. Tile board is also used as a backer for backsplashes,

and on the exterior of your home as a foundation for stucco applications.



Tile board is installed prior to the installation of your tile. You must have nails or screws to secure it to floor joists or studs, and you will also need a circular saw, grinder or jigsaw with the appropriate masonry blade for your saw of choice to cut it. Your tile board must also be secured to studs or floor joists. Some installers will apply a bed of thin set on a wood sub floor prior to the installation of the tile board. This is to help level the sub floor under the tile board. An unleveled surface can allow the tile board to rock causing cracks in your tile or grout lines.


You must seal all joints before you can lay your tile. This means that every seam that is created between sheets of tile board must be covered. There is a mesh fiberglass tape that is specifically designed for tile board. Cover all the seams with the tape and then use thin set to seal the tape. Your thin set must be thin and level to avoid high spots across the seams.


The benefits of concrete board outweigh the extra time that it takes to install it. Tile board is easier to install than pouring concrete beds for floors or plastering walls. It will give you the confidence in knowing that your tile job will last for many years.
MORE INFORMATION, PLS READ AT  http://www.hocre-board.com/products/fiber-cement-board

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Fiber cement corrugated roofing sheet

Fiber cement corrugated sheets are made from the finest quality cement and fibre through a specially developed fibre orientation process. They undergo rigorous quality control – standards – giving you a product of lasting value. They are low maintenance, easy to fix, fire resistant and economical.

Fibre cement corrugated roofing sheets, are being used extensively throughout the country for factories, power plants, stadiums, schools, urban and rural houses etc….



Always use a cat ladder or roof board while working on the roof

Do ...

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How to install fiber cement corrugated roofing sheet

The first type of roof sheets we’ll look at are Aluminium roof sheets. They are the most commonly used type, and are lightweight, strong and long lasting (aluminium is resistant to rust). They come in a variety of different designs and are environmentally friendly (as they are completely recyclable and are made using recycled materials). Aluminium roof sheets don’t require much maintenance.

Non-Asbestos roof sheets are made with a mixture of cement and fiber, which gives them extra strength and durability.  ...

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