” Hocreboard” Magnesium Oxide Board

Density (g/cm3) : 0.85-1.2
Bending strength (M/mm) : 18 Mpa
Breaking load : 113-498
Thermal resistance:1.14m2k/w
Sound Insulations:>44dB
Shrinking rate when heated:1.0%
Rate of length change (wetting %) : Below 0.26%
Non flammability : Fire proof 1st grade

Width 1220 mm;
Length 2440/2700/3050 mm;
Thickness 3-20 mm;
PS:Additional dimensions and thickness options available upon client’s request;

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Raw Materials

Magnesium Oxide (Mgo), Magnesium Chloride, Perlite, Sawdust, Fiberglass Mesh, Non-Woven Cloth Etc.


1) Many advantages: paper magnesium fireproof board has many advantages just as fireproof, moisture-resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, high strength
and light. These advantages are tested by authorities

2) Easy to install

3) Good effect: paper magnesium fireproof board will not break during installation,
so it could give customers a perfect decorative effect

4) Environmental friendly: paper magnesium fireproof board is made of natural inorganic material. It does not contain asbestos and methyl alcohol. It is low radiation. The environmental friendly effect is in accordance with the national standard

5) Competitive price: because of the large output and the high technology using in producing the board, the price of the paper magnesium fireproof board is competitive in the oversea market

Material Comparison

Material Flame Resistance Water Resistance Fastener Strength Mold Resistance Insect Resistance
MgO Board Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Cement Board Good Good Poor Good Good
Gypsum Board Good Poor Poor Poor Good
OSB/Plywood Poor Good Excellent Poor Poor
Plastic Panel Poor Excellent Good Good Excellent


1) Fireproof: paper magnesium fireproof board was tested by the National Center
for Quality Supervision and Testing of Fire Building Materials (NFTC). Its fireproof
level is rated level A (nonflammable level)

2) Moisture-resistance: magnesium fireproof board is excellent in moisture-resistance
3) Heat insulation: magnesium fireproof board has heat prevention material incorporated, it has great feature of heat prevention

4) Sound insulation

5) Bump-resistance and light: magnesium fireproof board is a light board. Its density is less than 1.0 x 0.8kg/cbm, lighter than Magnesium Fireproof Board. At the same time its bending strength and impact resistance is excellent. Also, it will maintain its’ quality during construction. It is light, can save time, space,weight and expense. It is a new and high efficient wall

Application Area:

  1. Interior and Exterior siding of building
  2. Providing fire insulation
  3. Production of fire door , fire proof shaft cover and production of furniture
  4. Construction of suspended ceiling and elevated floor
  5. Sound insulation
  6. Prefabricated and lightweight steel constructions
  7. Fire insulation of carrier systems in heavy steel constructions
  8. Insulation of cold storages
  9. Interior partition wall systems
  10. Floor concrete as sub floor support material
  11. Places where water and humidity are effective


Case Application:




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