Fire and Blast Resistant BoardHocreboard Cement and steel composite board” is a composite board manufactured with a fibre reinforced cement core, with outer facings of 0.5mm perforated galvanised steel mechanically bonded to each surface of the core. Other steel finishes such as stainless steel are also available for use where greater resistance to corrosion is required.

Cement and steel composite board is lightweight and used in the construction of fire and blast resistant barriers, ceilings, doors, duct-work, enclosures and structures.



Thickness  mm 6 9.5 12
Product Description  Cement and Steel Composite Board
Size    mm 1200×2400 (approximately 4 x 8 feet)


  • Fire Rated Ventilation duct Systems
  • Fire Rated Ceilings, Floors, Walls & Door Assemblies
  • Oil, Gas Pipe & Cable Tray Enclosures
  • Fire Barriers,& Blast Barrier
  • Outdoor & indoor transformer Barriers
  • Protection from hydrocarbon fires & blasts
  • Fire & Blast containment for gas storage
  • Escape tunnels and shafts
  • Portable Barriers
  • Document Storage Vaults
  • Acoustic Barriers & Enclosures
  • Blast Walls & Doors
  • Blast Resistant Duct

Fire and blass Resistance Board  Fire&Blast Resistance Board