high-strength-mgo-roofing-sheet “Hocreboard”magnesium oxide roofing tiles are using magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, talcum powder and other inorganics as raw materials, glass fiber mesh cloth as skeleton. It features fire-proof, heat-insulation, corrosion-resistant, acid& alkali resistant, anti-aging, high strength, shock resistant, long service life, etc.

The MgO roofing tiles could be processed by saw, nails, drilling, Installation is simple and quickly, saving material and labor cost.



Wave Profile      Big Wave  Medium Wave  Small Wave
Length 1000 mm -7000mm 1000 mm -7000 mm 1000 mm -7000 mm
Width 960 mm 800mm,960 mm  860 mm
Thickness 5mm±0.5mm 5mm±0.5mm 5mm±0.5mm
Wave Height  51 mm 33mm 35mm
Wave Number 4.5 7,7.5 5
Wave Distance 180mm 133mm 60mm
Weight/Meter 9-11kg 9-11kg 9-11mm

-Pet Film Coated Mgo Roofing sheet

-Aluminium Foil Mgo Roofing Sheet

-Anti Oxidation Film Mgo Roofing Sheet

-Mgo Glazed roofing tiles

Main Technical Parameters:

Item Parameters of MgO Sheet
Horizontal Flexural Strength >4900N/M
Vertical Flexural Strength >320N/M
Impact Resistance No crack, flake, through hole
Hygroscopicity <14%
Imperviousness No spot or dropping
Frost Resistance No crinkle
Heat Conductivity 0.1839W/M.K
Grade of Pulverization No pulverization
Grade of Discolouration 0
Colour Aberration <0.66

Main Features:

1.Water resistance
2 .Cold Resistance
3.Pressure Resistance
4 .Never Fade
5. Easy to be constructed
6. Sound Insulation
7. Heat Insulation
8. Smooth and Clean Glaze
9. Multiple Colors
10. Corrosion Resistance


This product can be widely used for factories, warehouses, garage,shopping centres, residential quarters and villas,feeding-house of all kinds. Especially suitable for corrosive workshop, high-temperature chemical plant, or with other special requirements such as sound insulation and temperature preservation.  It also can be used as the roofing tiles or outer wall of temporary building.

Installation instructions:

(1). As the area of the sheet is big, please don’t install in strong wind weather.
(2). To ensure the safty of construction work, temporary sidewalk shall be set up when     working on top of the building roof, and on the ground, safty sign shall be put.
(3). Installation worker shall wear clean, soft rubber shoes, it is strictly prohibited to   stand on the sheet without the support from under purline.
(4). Not any heavy item or hard iterm, such as iron wire, place on the sheet, shall not use the surface of the sheet as operating platform.
(5). When installing, shall drilling the hole by electric drill, and cut by electric serration saw, it is prohibited to use steel nail to dril the hole.