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Cement and Steel Composite Board

fire-and-blast-resistant-boardCement and Steel Composite Board combine lightness, strength, impact resistance and durability with exceptional fire resistance. These systems remain resistant to firefighter hoses leaving the board capable of performing their function should fire services be required to withdraw before a fire is extinguished.

The sheets come 1200mm x 2400 mm (approximately 4 x 8 feet) in size and are available in the ...

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Fiber Cement Steel Structure Board



Fiber Cement Steel Structure Board is made up from Portland Cement, high strength wire mesh, natural mineral reinforced cement as its main raw material,which is processed by pulping, forming, high temperature with high pressure.

It is a kind of new steel structure flooring board with high density to strengthen its shock resistance and loading force.



Size: 1220x2440x(20-30)mm




-Self-weight is light:50kg/m2,which can reduce the bear ...

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Fiber Cement Sandwich board

Fiber Cement Sandwich Panel is made up from Fiber Reinforced Calcium silicate board for Fiber Reinforced Cement Board, natural quartz, polystyrene particles, light weight port-land cement and many additives, etc, which consist of Calcium Silicate Board or Fiber Cement Board as it s surface panel with light weight concrete inside.  It shows good performance of light weight, high bending strength, sound absorption, thermal insulation, moisture-proof, Freeze Resistance, aging resistance, high hanging force and good impact resistance. Meanwhile, it has the ...

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Fiber Cement Board Stair Board


Stairs Board is a kind of fiber reinforced cement board which is com-pressured by high temperature during the procession and made up by Portland cement, high purity quartz powder, wollastonite and plant fiber,etc.

It is an environmental product which is without asbestos and other hazardous substances,.

It has characteristics such as in-combustible, high bending strength, Anti-impact, Corrosion resistance, insect resistance, Mold resistance and Durable,etc.


It is widely used as stair board of commercial buildings, office, shopping mall, hospital, fire path, steel structure and ...

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High Density Fiber Reinforced Cement Board for Exterior Cladding or Façade

Specification: Standard Speicification: 1220x2440x8mm,9mm and 12mm


Tolerance: Length/Width:+/-3mm;Thickness:+/-0.5mm; Diagonal Difference:≤4mm



Picture1 is a normal Exterior Cladding. Fiber Reinforced Cement Board is in stalled on the high strength galvanization light weight steel profile. Framework is connecting with the building structure by regulating the stand. You can ...

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Fiber cement board,calcium silicate board ceiling system

Fiber cement board Self-supporting ceiling sytem


This system is a form as partition system applicable to ceiling system. Mainly used in narrow and small room or corridor ceiling, so as to embody the following advantage.

-The ceiling is not affected from the changeable of the ceiling height

-No need to use hanging accessories, faster and more convenient installation

-Provide a completely unimpeded space for pipeline ...

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Fiber Reinforced Calcium silicate board for ceiling system

Fiber Reinforced Calcium Silicate Boards can be matched with many types of profiles to make lots of different ceiling systems. They can satisfy the creative and aesthetical diversity of technical requirement for many buildings, due to characteristics, such as simple and convenient installation, adaptability in usage and excellent material strength. Practical tests done have proven that fiber reinforced calcium silicate boards won’t deform and fall when they were used in humid environments after a long period application. Fiber Reinforced Calcium ...

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