MIneral Wool Board

Detail descriptions:


1.. Material:  Wet Formed Minera Fiber

  1. Surface: Factory Applied Qualified Vinyl Latex Paint
  2. Noise Reduction Coefficient: NRC 0.4-0.6 depending on the pattern and different thickness.
  3. Humidity Resistance(RH): >=90%
  4. Light Reflectivity: >=95%
  5. Fire Performance: Non-combustible, reaching Class A according to EN13964:2004/A1:2006
  6. Moisture Resistant: Conforming To The Quality Requirements Of Standard Board(12mm,14mm)According To EN13964:2004/A1:2006
  7. Environmental Protection: Non-Asbestos, No Formaldehyde
  8. Acoustic Performance: Complying wiht the requirements of EN13964:2004/A1:2006
  9. Color: White or Black
  10. Density: 280-450 KG/M3
  11. Dimension: 300mm*600mm, 600mm*600mm, 600mm*1200mm, 595mm*595mm, 595mm*1195mm, 603mm*603mm, 603mm*1212mm, 605mm*605mm, 605mm*1210mm
  12. Edge finish:  Square edge, Tegular edge, Microlook, Teglar edge, Concealed edge

14: Thickness: 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 19mm, 20mm

15: Surface Design: Pin hole, Fine fissured, Dune surface, etc

16: Other: Mold resistance, No asbestos, No formaldehyde

Test Data

Sound Absorption Test CONTENT &RESULTS

Sound absorption-creat a more efficiency and comfortable enrivoment for working.When the ceiling system&; does not have sound-absorbing performance, the sound&; can be heard in the distance. Interventional noise will significantly reduce


concentrated force and work efficiency, leading enthusiasm decline. Besides,overheard dialogue could lead to inadvertent breach of confidential in somesensitive areas.


In an open area,sound-absorbing ceiling able to absorb reflected sound which reduce the noise effectively.So proper acoustic ceiling sysptem is the most effective,most convenient and most economical for improve indoor acoustice


environment.The sound-absorbing ceiling design succeed provide office stuff’s privacy ;and;make them feel more comfortable in the office environment.



Decorative performance:Beautiful decorative patterns give space more flexibility.

Sound absorption:It can effectively reduce indoor noise and improve acoustical quality.

Excellent thermo insulating property.

Incombustibility:It is characterized by good fire-proof performance.

Good mineral fiber is characterized by the content of 90% or above,which can resist pending effectively.

No asbestos contained,environment-friendly.

Few or none organic additives,so fungi do not stir up.

No formaldehyde contained:improved starch used for solidification.


1. Noise Reduction: raw material is the mainly production materials,as the same time,that materials microporous developed, reduce the reflection of sound waves echo cancellation, isolated from the noise floor to pass.
2.Sound Insulation:: mineral wool board is a kind of quality acoustic performance material. Used for interior decoration, the average sound absorption rate of up to 0.5, suitable for offices, schools, shopping malls and other places.
3. Insulation resistance: Effectively partition the room noise through the ceiling material,, creating a quiet indoor environment.
4. Fire resistance: Mineral wool board is based on a non-combustible mineral wool as the main raw material, in the event of a fire will not burn, so as to effectively prevent the spread of fire.