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Vietnam Institute of Building Materials Visited factory on Nov 6,2018

Vietnam Institute of building materials group visited our factory on Nov 6,2018, the aim is for discussing the business for fiber cement products, such as fiber cement roof tile, fiber cement board and refractories materials such as high temperature calcium silicate insulation board. This activity is very successful, we expect to establish business with Vietnam institute in near future.

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6mm Mgo board Properties

6mm Mgo board


-fireproof category A1

-water resistant

-very strong

-freeze resistant

-sound insulating

-resistant to moulds

-health friendly

-resistant to rodents


-universal application in interiors and also exteriors

-fireproof walls and partitions

-moist and wet environment of bathrooms, kitchens, wellness, …

-groundwork under tiles


-ventilated facades

-wood constructions

-exterior circumferential jacketing

-groundwork under facades


Fire resistance

MgO boards are absolutely non combustible – category A1 – and are completely resistant to fire up to temperature of 800°C. In case of fire they do not create any smoke nor any other exhalation products.

Good resistance ...

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Advantage of UV coated decorative fiber cement board

Advantage of UV coated decorative fiber cement board comparing the common decoration board:

Item UV coated fiber cement  board Aluminum composite panel FC board Ceramic tile Natural stone
Fire resistance Not burning burning, produce harmful gas burning, produce harmful gas Not burning Not burning
Water impermeability Excellent Good Good Excellent Excellent
Surface hardness ≥3H ≥H ≥H Good hardness Excellent hardness
Adhesive force 0 1 1
color Solid Color, Metal Color, Imitation Stone, Wooden Grain Solid Color, Metal Color Solid Color Solid Color, Metal Color, Imitation Stone, Wooden Grai Less color
Anti-corrosion Excellent, Salt spray >3000h Good, Salt Spray>1000h Salt Spray>15000h Easily weathered, Easy corrosion easy corrosion
Heat-rain ≥3500h ≥1500h ≥2500h
Durability More than 25 years 10~15 years 15~20 years 5~10 ...
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China Fiber cement Insulated Decorative Panel

Fiber cement insulated decorative panel

fiber cement insulated decorative panel_

Description:Insulated Decorative Panel (Cement Sandwich Panel)
Coated Fiber Cement Board or Coated Calcium Silicate Board + Insulation Material
Base Material:
Fiber Cement Board , Calcium Silicate Board or other Inorganic Resin Board
Insulation Material: EPS, XPS, ROCK WOOL, PU etc.
Fireproof: Class A, Class B1
Installation: Paste + accessories
Standard Dimension:1220mm x 2440mm or customized
Interior wall decoration and External wall ...

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China Granite Surface Fiber Cement Board

Granite Surface Fiber Cement Board

Granite Surface Fiber Cement Board

Base Material: Fiber Cement Board or Calcium Silicate Board.
Products Structure (from surface side to back side )
UV Fluorocarbon Vanish +Fluorocarbon texture painting/coating +Fiber Cement Board or Calcium Silicate Board + Waterproof UV clear vanish.
Surface: Granite surface, stone like surface or customized.
Main Specification: 
Density:1.4-1.7g/cm3           Water absorption: ≤ 28% ...

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The Hospital Antibacterial panel is the new inorganic fireproof decorative wall panel, it take non-asbestos reinforced fiber cement board as base materials, through the process of repeating grinding, penetration and waterproof for the base material, roller coating UV fluorocarbon primer, UV fluorocarbon painting and UV Fluorocarbon varnish on the machined bas material.

After many years ...

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Magnesium Oxide MgO fire rated Door Core Board

Magnesium Oxide Fireproof door core is a new generation of fireproof filling material and sort of natural and environmental product, and it reaches fireproof Grade A1 according to National Fireproof New Standard combining application with steel or wooden door.

Mgo door core board


  • Size: 2050mm * 850mm            2100mm * 900mm
  • Thickness: 30-50mm
  • Special sizes available upon requests


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Weatherboard cladding wood grain fiber cement plank

Woodgrain fiber cement plank is a finished weatherboard coated with specially developed paints applied in factory conditions. The process ensures homogeneous thickness and strong adherence to the fibre cement matrix, maximizing the lifespan of the product.

Fiber Cement Plank represents beauty, strength and flexibility.  The plank is embossed with a wooden texture inspired by nature, designed by artists and produced with care.

Developed for the trouble-free application of paint, resulting in in a natural wood finish whilst the product adheres to the fibre ...

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9mm, 12mm Smooth Surface calcium silicate cladding

Smooth Surface calcium silicate cladding is a board specifically designed for external wall cladding. Its light weight and versatility are the best features for new or renovation projects which demand design flexibility, and modern, contemporary solutions.

Smooth Surface calcium silicate cladding can be finished with expressed or flushed joints.

Smooth Surface calcium silicate cladding can be coated with an exterior acrylic or texture coating for monolithic render.

Technical data:

Density ≥ 1300 kg/m³
Moisture content ≤ 15 %
Water absorption ≤ 33 %
Moisture movement
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