China Granite Surface Fiber Cement Board

Granite Surface Fiber Cement Board

Granite Surface Fiber Cement Board

Base Material: Fiber Cement Board or Calcium Silicate Board.
Products Structure (from surface side to back side )
UV Fluorocarbon Vanish +Fluorocarbon texture painting/coating +Fiber Cement Board or Calcium Silicate Board + Waterproof UV clear vanish.
Surface: Granite surface, stone like surface or customized.
Main Specification: 
Density:1.4-1.7g/cm3           Water absorption: ≤ 28%         Asbestos: 100% non- asbestos
Thickness: 4~30mm            Radioactivity:Class A decorative material
Standard Width x Length: 1220 X 2440mm, 1200 x 2400mm, or customized
minimal maintenance,  amazing colours and design,100% waterproof, fireproof, no formaldehyde,
light weight,  easy installation,  lower price, environmental friendly,  no shrinking or swelling,
bacteria resistant,  stable color, excellent weather resistance,  shorter leadtime
External siding/cladding;
Exterior wall thermal insulation decorative panel;
Interior/Exterior wall decoration panel;
Used in commercial building, residential, office, supermarket, hotel, theatre, school, subway, airport, railway station, rest room, serve as an alternative to natural marble, natural wood, natural stone, MDF, ceramic tile, ACP, Aluminium sheet etc.


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