6mm Mgo board Properties

6mm Mgo board


-fireproof category A1

-water resistant

-very strong

-freeze resistant

-sound insulating

-resistant to moulds

-health friendly

-resistant to rodents


-universal application in interiors and also exteriors

-fireproof walls and partitions

-moist and wet environment of bathrooms, kitchens, wellness, …

-groundwork under tiles


-ventilated facades

-wood constructions

-exterior circumferential jacketing

-groundwork under facades


Fire resistance

MgO boards are absolutely non combustible – category A1 – and are completely resistant to fire up to temperature of 800°C. In case of fire they do not create any smoke nor any other exhalation products.

Good resistance to shock (impact)

A strong net made from glass fibres forms part of boards in two layers that causes that they very effectively resist to impacts and strokes.

Smooth surface resistant to scratches

MgO boards have smooth surface and high mechanical resistance. Blow, impact, or scratch have almost no or only very small influence on the surface of boards.

Ecological and safe execution

MgO boards are 100% without asbestos, radiation, formaldehyde, they do not create any organic substances nor vapours that are harmful to human organism.

Thermal and acoustic insulation

The application of this material in current low energy buildings helps by its composition of peripheral jacket and partitions to increase the significance of low energy house in the saving of energy used for heating. At the same time MgO boards efficiently absorb sound.

Resistance to moisture

Progressive and special manufacturing processes and regulations introduce MgO boards as a material that is not expanding, de-scaling individual layers, not deformed even when immersed in water. Thanks to above properties this material can be used also in spaces that are strained by humidity, e.g. bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, wellness centres, broader areas of swimming pools, etc.

Options of finishing

MgO boards can be painted, it is possible to glue on them tiles or wallpapers, final paintings, to be used under them interior or exterior plasters.


MgO boards of thickness 6mm are ideal for applications with demands on flexibility and elasticity.

Surface MgO boards

MgO board has on one side a smooth surface – suitable in interior, on the other reverse side it has a rough surface – suitable for plastering.
The surface of MgO boards is basic (alkaline) that means that the adhesiveness of surface is very good and enables to adjust their surface by various types of plasters, to paint, paste on them various tiles (ceramic, concrete, natural stone, etc. ).





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