High Density Fiber Reinforced Cement Board for Exterior Cladding or Façade

Specification: Standard Speicification: 1220x2440x8mm,9mm and 12mm


Tolerance: Length/Width:+/-3mm;Thickness:+/-0.5mm; Diagonal Difference:≤4mm



Picture1 is a normal Exterior Cladding. Fiber Reinforced Cement Board is in stalled on the high strength galvanization light weight steel profile. Framework is connecting with the building structure by regulating the stand. You can fill thermal insulating material in the gap of the system and there should be a distance of 30mm left for air flow between the panel and thermal insulating material.

Exterior Cladding of Fiber reinforced cement board can be applicable for refurbishment for decoration of the wall on the high rise buildings, outer thermal insulation of the exterior cladding on the building, thermal insulation or decoration of the light weight adding storey façade of the building.It can be used on the external part of some special buildings as well.


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