Fiber Cement Board Stair Board


Stairs Board is a kind of fiber reinforced cement board which is com-pressured by high temperature during the procession and made up by Portland cement, high purity quartz powder, wollastonite and plant fiber,etc.

It is an environmental product which is without asbestos and other hazardous substances,.

It has characteristics such as in-combustible, high bending strength, Anti-impact, Corrosion resistance, insect resistance, Mold resistance and Durable,etc.


It is widely used as stair board of commercial buildings, office, shopping mall, hospital, fire path, steel structure and other buildings.


Specification Standard Specification: 1220x2440x22-30mm
Tolerance: Length/Width:+/-3mm,Thickness:+/-0.5mm,Diagonal difference:≤4mm
Apperance Suface: Normal(Unsanded)
Physical Properties Density:1450-1550kg/m3
Bending Strength:10-16MPa
Moisture Movement:≤0.2%
Water Absorption:25-28%
Water Containt:≤10%(Under EMS Condition)
Thermal Conductivity:≤0.3w/(m.k)
Screw Withdraw:≥70N/mm2
Non-Combustibility:GB8624-2006 Grade A1
Water Impermeability:Traces of moisture appreared on the under surface of the sheet,but
no formation of drops of water on the underside of the sheet after 24 hours.
Feeze-thaw:Not have cracking and layering after freeze-thaw cycles 25times
Excellent Characteristics High Bending Strength,Incombusibility, Sound Insulation, Moisture Proof, Thermal Insulation, Shock
Resistance, Durability, Long Servide lift,etc
Application 22-30mm thickness is used for indoor stair
Products Warranty More than 20 years

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