Non-asbestos fiber cement roofing sheet

We are a premier manufacturer & exporter of non-asbestos cement roofing sheets, non asbestos roofing sheets,fiber cement roofing sheets, which are made of high grade non- asbestos cement and are reinforced with fiber.

These are perfect to be used in wide applications with primary ones are greenhouse, horticulture, agriculture, industry house, factory, shed, rain-shield, plant cultivation farm, light absorbing facilities etc. We manufacture all of our products including non-asbestos cement roofing sheets in our state of the art manufacturing facility which is equipped with cutting edge machineries & tools, helping us to easily meet any bulk demand of non- asbestos cement roofing sheet easily.

We have in the offering a extended range of non-asbestos cement roofing sheets which are available in different specifications/standards. We can provide asbestos cement roofing sheets to use in greenhouse, industry houses, horticulture, agriculture, rain-shield. These are high quality roofing sheets offering long operational life due to their amazing features such as excellent durability, fire proof, resistant to normal wear & tear etc. Clients can avail with us non-asbestos cement roofing sheets in following specifications: Thickness: 5 mm, 5.5 mm and 6 mm Density: 1.3-1.5 gram/cm3 Width: can provide in maximum width of 960 mm,1000mm,920mm and 1100mm Color options: Gray, Green,Blue and Red besides others



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