Wood Grain Mgo board

Wooden Grain Mgo boardWood grain Mgo board is 3D type green and friendly environment board. It is made of nonflammable materials including magnesium chlo-ride, magnesia, alkali endured epoxy glass cloth, and perlite . It is manufactured by using special craft through totally automatic production line, the board features being green. Free from smell and poison, non-flammable. Free from smog, high intensity, high quality, sound insulation, heat preservation. Waterproof and fireproof, free from freeing and erosion and so on, it is the really green fire prevention product without such harmful elements as asbestos, formaldehyde or benzene

Size and Dimension:

Specification Weight/pc Qty/20GP
1220*2440*3mm 9kgs 2700pcs by bulk or 1800pcs by 6pallets
1220*2440*4mm 12kgs 2000pcs by bulk or 1400pcs by 6pallets
1220*2440*5mm 15kgs 1600pcs by bulk or 1120pcs by 6pallets
1220*2440*6mm 18kgs 1340pcs by bulk or 940pcs by 6pallets
1220*2440*8mm 24kgs 1000pcs by bulk or 700pcs by 6pallets
1220*2440*9mm 26kgs 890pcs by bulk or 630pcs by 6pallets
1220*2440*10mm 30kgs 800pcs by bulk or  560pcs by 6pallets
1220*2440*12mm 35kgs 670pcs by bulk or 470pcs by 6pallets


Testing Item Data Basis
Apparent densitye 0.85-1.5t/m3 JC688-2006
Moisture content ≤8% JC688-2006
Percentage of dry shrinkage ≤0.3% JC688-2006
Percentage of water swelling ≤0.6% JC688-2006
Screw_withdrawal force ≥70N/mm JC688-2006
Dehalogenation resistance No water and no moisture created JC688-2006
Content of chloride ion ≤10% JC688-2006
Fireproof performance A1 non-flammability GB8624-2006
Fire resistant time 4h 12mm mgo board
Sound insulation 42dB 9mm MgO board
Bending strength 16MPa 9mm
Impacting strength 5.5Kj/m2 9mm
Environment No radioaction, asbestos or formaldehyde free GB656-2001
Water permeability No moisture or water CECS9597
Alkali Resistance   CECS9597
Thermal conductivity 0.109 Average temperature: 30±5



It is used for wall partition (interior and exterior wall), ceiling, floor, and door core, roof (interior) etc


  1. Fireproof
  2. Waterproof
  3. Heat insulation
  4. Sound insulation



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