Wood grain fiber cement outdoor deck flooring

Resistant to rotting, splintering, warping, termites and split champagne, Wood grain fiber cement deck board is the smarter way to entertain in style.

wood grain fiber cement decking

Replace a rotten or splintered timber deck.

Timber decks are beautiful. When they’re new. But the timber can lose its colour and start to grey quickly without regular staining or oiling to slow the degradation process. Over time the timber is susceptible to splintering and warping in the sun, rotting and swelling due to moisture and even being eaten by termites. Wood grain fiber cement Deck is resistant to damage from all those things, as long as it’s installed and maintained correctly. Installation is fast and easy. And as Wood grain fiber cement Deck is more durable than timber it requires less re-painting or re-staining.

widtth:: 150mm


Thickness: 25mm


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