Waterproof Mgo Board—Magnesium Oxide Board

Magnesium Oxide Board can be used to many different place, such as factory, house , shed ,commercial house and so on….. It is the green board.

Main Feature:

Waterproof MgO Board
1. Fireproof
2. Non-tonxic,non-formaldehyde
3. Impact strength 5.6KJ/m2
4. Density: 0.9g/cm3-1.2g/cm3

5. Tensile strength 7Mpa

Building material

Magnesium is the building material widely used in the consturction area .The stable magnesium colloid is reinforced by middl alkali glass fiber net and stuffed by light material then becomes new frameless decorative material 100% no Asbestos Contained and no radioactivity .


The materials of magnesium fireproof board are Magnesia(MgO),Magnesium Chlorid(Mgcl2)and Alkali glass fiber net .

Outstanding fireproof performance

1. With density about 0.9g/cm3-1.2g/cm3

2. Flexible and easy to make proper sculpt and designs

3. Perdurable and great duration of life

4. Antisepsis mmothproof ,ant proof

5. Heat preservation ,heat insulation ,sound insulation

6. scientific prescrption ,real green and environmental material

7. 100% no Asbestos Contained

8. It is applicable to other designs of decoration and quadric process


1) Sizes (width):

2,440 x 1,220mm, 2,400 x 900mm, 3,000 x 1,200mm, 2440×1830mm,2,750 x 1,200mm, 1,830 x 915mm, 600 x 600mm

2) Thickness:


3) Other specifications available.


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