Waterproof Building Materials For Wall Decoration Diatomite Ceiling Panel

What is diatomaceous earth?

Waterproof Building Materials For Wall Decoration Diatomite Ceiling Panel

Diatomaceous earth is very popular material these years.
Diatoms are tiny, single-celled algae found in plankton in ocean. Diatoms accumulated after they died, then fossilized into diatomaceous earth after hundreds of millions of years. The main components are silicon dioxide, light and porous. Electron microscope shows that diatomaceous earth is nanoscale porous material with diameter at 0.1-0.2 micrometers, the porosity is up to 90% and the pores are regularly organized into circles and its micropores quantity in unit area is several thousands times of active carbon’s.
Such unique molecular characteristics contributed to the excellent function of diatomaceous earth.

Size( MM ) 800*600 800*500 750*510 600*390/460 550*450 550/500*390 450*350
Thickness ( MM) 9MM , 10MM
Color Pink, Baby Blue, Reseda, Buff, Gray, White

The special characteristics of diatomaceous earth get the diatomite bath mat a lot of good performance more than you expected.
* There are numerous small poles on the surface of the Bath mat, it can absorb water immediately.
* The main material is natural mineral, diatomite, give full play to the advantages, features and function of natural materials. Safe! Relieved!
* It not only can absorb moisture, but also have the effect of removing smell, VQC (such as formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds) absorption, humidity control.
* Compare with general bath mat, diatomite mat has very strong resistance to mold propagation, and won’t leave any living space to mould and mites.
* No need to wash, always keep clean and dry.
* Beautiful shape also provide you happy feeling…

*Diatomite bath mat should be put outside of the bathroom, i.e., it couldn’t be used under the shower.
*Diatomite bath mat coud not be used on the uneven ground or soft ground and also not on the sharp object.
*To get better non-slip result, you can put one piece of plastic film between the bath mat and ground.
*Please get barefeet step on the diatomite bathmat, that would keep it clean much easier and get the absorbant function realized perfectly.
*This diatomite bathmat belongs to fragile articles,don’t get it bear the weight more than 250KG and not get the angles touch the ground firstly when drop from very high places. If it’s broken, the pieces of diatomite bathmat could be collected into a cloth bag and to become the deodorant used in wardrobe, storage box and drawers.


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