UV Coated Fiber Cement Cladding Panel

Fiber Cement Cladding Panel is one kind of prefabricated interior cladding product that protect your internal building and home. Over the past years, UV Coating fiber cement cladding panel had gained more and more popularity and be deemed as one of the best investments for building interior cladding, yet surprisingly few people know about it.

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What is the advantage of Fiber Cement Cladding panels?

-Fireproof: Among many worries of homeowners, fire problem is always at the top of the list. Fiber Cement Cladding panel is made up of more than 90% inflammable materials. In was reported, a fire damaged fire truck almost 100 feet(30m) away from the flames, but the home constructed with fiber cement cladding panel was protected well.

-Insects and rotting resistant: Fiber cement cladding panel had no seams or voids and prevents mold or mildew from growing no matter inside wall or outside.

-Verities of color:Fiber Cement Cladding panel can resemble natural stone, wood grain and also can provide plain and solid feeling when you do interior cladding. Or if a color is not very suitable, the siding can be re-painted.

-Longevity: You can expect the fiber cement cladding panle on your home a lifetime and even longer. In terms of that, it can increase the value of home especially when you plan to resale it. Fiber Cement Cladding pnel is absolutely resistant to rot and inset,and can withstand the punishing salt spray and wind if near the shoreline.

-Long keeping cost: Unlike a lot of other popular siding materials, fiber cement cladding panle can resist mold and mildew, and doesn’t need to be cleaned any more often than vinyl or wood.

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What is the innovation of UV Coating interior cladding?

By adopting the UV curing technology, our UV materials use 5% unsaturated fluorocarbon resin to coat on the surface of autoclaved fiber cement cladding panel. In this way, it can reinforce the durability to 40 years and fireproof performance.

-Hardness: 4H

-Fireproof: A class fireproof.

-Lifetime:40-year limited.

-Waterproof: No warping, crack and elaminating after boiling in 100 ℃ for 40 hours

-Tailor-made: Prefabricated in factory provide many regular size.

-Color varieties: can be resemble many natural stone such as marble, granite and wood grain such as oak, maple and cedar tec.

-Eco-Friendly: absolutely contain zero VOCs, 100% asbestos free and formaldehyde free

-Zero maintenance cost: Raining or water can refresh the UV coating surface against oil and stain.

-Applicability: UV coating fiber cement cladding panel is available in many benefits which allow you to clad in living room, bedroom, hotel, hospital, museum, laboratory and cinema where people always purse the feel of aesthetic impression and comfort.

  Composite Items:

  • Coating: Fluorocarbon resin
  • Substrate board: Reinforced Fiber Curing Cement Board
  • Mortar: Best Mortar

Performance parameters

Physical performance

-Density: 1.4-1.6g/cm3

-Solvent resistance: Without leakage after 100 times wiping test

-Adhesive force:actual measurement:0(while standard: ≤1)

– Pencil hardness(scratch):4H

-Artificial Weathering aging: 3500 hours(national standard:2000hours)

-Fireproofing:A class

-Freezing resistance: without crack and loosing after 25 time freeze-thaw test

Main performance

-Impact resistance(J):≥10,apply to the 1st floor, or ≥3 apply to 2nd floor.

-Freeze-thaw resistance: Without crack, hollow, bubble and delaminating.

-Bending resistance load(N): no less than dead-weight of the surface.

-Water absorption: (g/m2)≤500 after 10 hours

-Water tightness: Without leakage in the inner side of protective layer

Dimensions of fiber cement cladding panel

Panel length: 2440mm

Panel width: 1220mm

Thickness: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm


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