Tunnel Fireproof Board- Fireproofing Mgo board and&Fluorocarbon Painting Fiber Cement Board 

A Grade Mgo board

Fireproofing Mgo board

Size: 1220x2440x3-25mm

The MgO boards (1-3 hours) are made from a new and special formulation and with a high level of fire protection property to meet the domestic and international standards. *The Domestic Standard: 1-3.83 hours (RABT standards) —GB28376-2012 testing standard
*The International Standard: 1-3 hours (RWS standards) —EN13501-1: 2007 testing standard)
The New & Special Formulation are made of Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2), Vermiculite & Mica powder, Perlite (SiO2), Additives, reinforced fiber glass mesh, non-woven fabric and cellulose material.

The MgO boards (1-3 hours) are applicable to buildings with special requirements of fireproof performance, such as fireproofing partition wall, interior wall of hospitals, Sidewall of subways, Ceiling of tunnels, Etc. The MgO products are non-hazardous, without any organic solvents, asbestos, oils, toxic components, heavy metals or salts which may cause environmental problems.

Non-Asbestos Fiber Cement Boards Type Board Like Marble

Fluorocarbon Painting Fiber Cement Board 


Fluorocarbon Painting Fiber Cement Board is comprised with fiber, cement, quartz sand, additive, water and so on.
* The surface is coated with high performance fluorocarbon and inorganic ceramic paints, and it comes in abundant color and gorgeous appearance.

1. Excellent fireproof performance (class A2);
2.  High density, high impact resistance;
3.  Long-lasting color;
4.  Anti-acid, alkali, moisture, acid rain and ultraviolet radiation;
5.  Strong resistance to chemical corrosion;
6.  Lasting antibacterial effect;
7.  Environmental friendly, 100% free of asbestos and other hazardous substances;
8.  Suitable for external, internal use and ceiling.


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