Tunnel Decorative Fiber Cement Board China Manufacturer

HD Fiber cement cladding for interior


The tunnel decorative panel is the new inorganic fireproof decorative wall panel formed through the ultraviolet light polymerization process. It take non-asbestos reinforced fiber cement board as base material, through the process of repeating grinding, penetration and waterproof for the base material,  roller coating UV Fluorocarbon primer, UV Fluorocarbon painting and UV Fluorocarbon varnish on the machined base material.

The tunnel decorative panel is no asbestos, no formaldehyde and other hazardous material and will not produce radioactive elements and toxic gases.

The UV coated decorative fiber cement board have become the new energy saving environmental protection building material. Itself advantage will make it completely replace the common decoration board in future.

Item UV coated board Aluminum composite panel FC board Ceramic tile Natural stone
Fire resistance Not burning burning, produce harmful gas burning, produce harmful gas Not burning Not burning
Water impermeability Excellent Good Good Excellent Excellent
Surface hardness ≥3H ≥H ≥H Good hardness Excellent hardness
Adhesive force 0 1 1
color Solid Color, Metal Color, Imitation Stone, Wooden Grain Solid Color, Metal Color Solid Color Solid Color, Metal Color, Imitation Stone, Wooden Grai Less color
Anti-corrosion Excellent, Salt spray >3000h Good, Salt Spray>1000h Salt Spray>15000h Easily weathered, Easy corrosion easy corrosion
Heat-rain ≥3500h ≥1500h ≥2500h
Durability More than 25 years 10~15 years 15~20 years 5~10 years More than 25 years
easy cleaning Smooth surface, difficult to pollute, cleaning once year Easy dust, not easy cleaning, cleaning 2~3tims per year Smooth surface, not easy dusting,Cleaning once year Easy dust,difficult to cleaning rough surface, more porous, easy pollute, difficult to cleaning

Standard dimension:

Thickness: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm,18mm,20mm
Width X Length: 1220 x 2440mm or customized


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