External fiber cement cladding building facade panel material similar with Swisspearl

Fiber cement cladding with natural color is popular to commercial and industrial building. Solid color, Marble finishing, timber finishing and metal finishing is our main color which is high density with good performance.

UV Coated Fibre Cemetn Board with Marble Texture UV COATED FIBRE CEMENT BOARDS UV Painted Coating Fiber Cement Board for Interior Decorative Wall



Dimensions :1200x2400mm (Other Size Could be customized)
Thickness: 5-20mm
Density: 1400-1700kg/m3
Color: Wide Color Range
Composition :Cement, Quartz, Sand, Pulp
Moisture Movement: 0.02%
Film Hardness: Cohesive Fracture >9H
Resistance to Staining: EN438-2 2005
Certificate :CE AS/NZS 2908.2:2000
Packing Details: Plastic Protected Each With Wooden Pallet
MOQ: 3000M2


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