Stylish stone surface (unpainted finish) cement decor Interior board

Cement decor Interior board is new style stone surface fiber cement board, the appearance is more popular and stylish



Interior Wall fiber cement board1


-Contains no asbestos or other harmful materials,

– Contains no asbestos or other harmful materials,

– Incombustible ( A1 class fire resistant building material according to EN 13501-1), non-melting, helps to extinguish the active fire,

– No hazardous gas emission even when exposed to extreme temperatures,

– Water resistant, water absorption ratio is lower than concrete buildings, safely used in humid climates,

– Highly durable against heavy climatic conditions due to the raw materials content, and being autoclaved, resistant against ultraviolet rays

– Imperishable, long life, easy maintenance,

– Good heat and sound insulation

– Not affected by insects harmful to woods, not inhabitable for insects,

– Warm and comfortable appearance because of the wooden effect, but physically more advantageous than wood,

– Can be easily processed by proper tools, easy to install,

– Economical because of eliminating the plastering,

– Durable against strokes and beats,

– Resistant against most chemical elements and animal waste,

– Resistant against frost, can be used safely in coldest climatic conditions,

– Can be used much more safely in any application, where similar covering materials are used,


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