Steel structure board

Steel structure board is made up from Portland cement, high strength wire mesh, and natural mineral reinforced cement as its main material, which is processed by pulping, high temperature with high pressure.

It is a kind of steel structure flooring board with high density to strength its shock resistance and loading force.

Technical data:

Specification  Thickness: 25/30mm;
Standard Specification:1220*2440
Tolerance: Length/Width: ±3mm;
Thickness: ±0.3mm;
Edge squareness: ≤4mm/m;
Diagonal Difference:≤4mm
Appearance  Square Edge 
Surface: Un-sanded
Physical Properties Density:                   1500–1700KG/M 3
Bending Strength:             16-21Mpa
Moisture Movement:            ≤ 0.20%
Moisture Content:          ≤10%(Under EMS condition) 
Non-combustibility:                         GB 8624-2006 Grade A1
Excellent Characteristics High Bending Strength,
Good at fireproof,
Good at Moisture proof,
Not Deforming,
Easy Installation
Application Interior floor
Warranty More than 20years
Average Bearing loading 2000kg/m2( distance between 12# Angle Bar is 610*610mm);
1200kg/m2( distance between 12# Angle Bar is 610*1200mm)
Point Limited Bearing loading
900kg/cm2(25mm board)

1) Self-weight is light: 50kg/m2, which can reduce the bear loading and the investment of its basic building structure
2)Thickness of steel structure board is thick. Normally, the size is 1220*2440*(20-40)mm. So it can enlarge the using areas with good characteristic of sound insulation;
3) Density is high and makes its strength to be extremely high, concentrated loading is over 2800N;
4)Moisture-proof and Shockproof;
5)Undamaged by insects and rodents;
6)Easy and fast installation and low cost and less rubbish, which is environmental friendly;
7)Long lifespan ( reach 20 years or more);
8)Good sound absorption, insulates against sounds of up to and over 40dB
9)Healthy and Environmental( No any asbestos and other harmful composition which is modern construction materials);
10) Good performance of fireproof, with high fire rated properties, which is a kind of new construction flooring board with In-combustibility Grade A1;
11) Good Thermal Insulation Coefficient and can reduce the energy lost of building;

Loft and flooring or shopping mall, villa, Commercial Center, Steel structure and wood structure building. Builder of Attic and Designers. Construction unit can choose this product according to the Technical Requirement of the projects.

Steel Structure Board with Wire Mesh Inside


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