Standards of Best Calcium Silicate Board

Beijing Hocreboard Building Materials Co.,Ltd which can manufacture the best Calcium Silicate Board for its Excellent Research and Development Team and Extreme Quality Control Team. As one of the best manufacturer of Calcium Silicate Board, we would like to share the standards of manufacturing process technologies

  1.  Obvious cooling in the manufacturing process

Calcium Silicate Boards as backing insulation materials, they have a very marked effect of energy conservation, as a result of less accumulation of heat and bigger heat protection. So there is a obvious cooling in the manufacturing process.


  1. Good durability

You may find that the Calcium Silicate Boards won’t shrink after quite a long time no matter how you use them. They won’t be out of shape and even turning powder out of it, the insulation performances won’t decline.

  1. High rate strength

The rate strength of Calcium Silicate Board is the highest in the thermo inorganic material. During the design of Calcium Silicate Board, it can lighten the all-up weight of the kiln and stove greatly.


  1. Easy construction

Using common woodworking tools can cut Calcium Silicate Board to any necessary form, and can be glued and formed with other materials easily.


  1. Environmental protection 
    Calcium Silicate Board contained no corrosives and toxicity. There are not exhaust gas and peculiar smell under the high temperature, and it won’t cause the injury and pollution to the human body and environment. It belongs to the products of environment protection.

Calcium Silicate Board

Calcium Silicate Board can be applied to residential, commercial and industrial buildings, schools and hospitals etc, especially is suitable for where speedy construction, cleanliness and hygiene is of high importance.



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