Similar with India Everest fireproof fiber cement board

Fiber Cement Board is a composite material made of quartz sand, cement and cellulose fibers. This product adopts imported pure paper pule from Canada, not included waste paper pulp. Fiber cement board is manufactured in a sheet form and they are used for interior and exterior suspension, partition and flooring application.The normal size is 1220×2440mm or 1200x2400mm ,thickness from 3.5~30mm, and density is 1.1~1.2g/cm3; 1.2-1.4g/cm3;1.4-1.7g/cm3. There are low-density, middle-density and high-density.

Fiber Cement Board Partition
Product Features:

3.Mildew proof
4.Moisture proof
5.Sound insulated
6.Low moisture and water absorption
7.100% asbestos free and other hazardous substances


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