PVC gypsum ceiling tile



PVC gypsum ceiling tile is made of high quality paper-faced gypsum board with a layer of PVC on surface and aluminum foil on its back. It is a kind of environmental friendly, light weight, high quality, fireproof, waterproof and corrosion-resistant decorative ceiling board.


It can be widely used in high fireproof and waterproof requirement environment, such as hotel, hospital, school, house and factory etc.


Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Edge
595 595   1195 7.0   8.0   9.0 Covered / Non-covered
600 600   1200
603 603   1206
605 605   1210
Pvc gypsum ceiling tile is available to be produced the thickness from 7.0-12mm, the design according to customer requirements,Both Metric and Imperial systems are accept

Technical Data

Materials Gypsum Board
Surface PVC and Aluminum Foil
Allow Dimension Difference Length ≤±2.0mm
Weight Kg/m2 Width ≤±2.0mm
Thickness ≤±0.5mm
< 6.5kg/m2
Strength Break Load>150N
Containing Water Rate < 1%
Fireproof Class Class B1  Meet the standard:GB8624-1997
Moisture Requirement Under 90%

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