H Calcium Silicate Fire Protective Board

Calcium Silicate Fire Protective Board is off-white in colour and has a smooth finish on one face with a sanded reverse face. The board can be left plain or can be easily finished with paints.


Specification Specification:  1220/1200*2440/2400/3050*9mm,12mm,15mm,18mm,20mm
Tolerance:Length ± 3mm, Width: ±/3mm;
Thickness: ±/0.3mm-0.5mm;
Edge: Square
Density:   850~950KG/M3
Moisture Movement:             ≤ 0.25%
Heat Shrink:     ≤0.50
Moisture Content:            ≤ 10%(Under EMS condition)
Thermal Conductivity:             ≤ 0.20w/(m·k)
Average Bending Strength(Oven dry): D1.1≥6MPA
Ratio of Vertical and Horizonal Bending Strength: ≤0.58%
Safety Capability Asbestos Contain: 100% Asbestos Free
Radioactive:Ira <1.0,Ir <1.3(Grade A)
Non-combustibility: GB86242012 Non combustibility Materials Grade A1
Incombustibility,  High Bending Strength,
Thermal Insulation,  Fire Resistant,
Sound Insulation,  Moisture proof,
Shock Resistance, Durability,
Long service life, etc.


The Purpose of Calcium Silicate Board in for higher performance of fire rating applications for indoor partition, ceiling, smoke ducting, ventilation ducting, smoke curtain, building structure protection, Glass curtain wall fire protection in civil buildings. Calcium silicate insulation material and framework composed the non loading system of partition and ceiling.


Calcium silicate fire protective board can absorb the moisture in spring and summer, then it can release in autumn and winter to make the indoor humidity balance, in order that it can change the indoor humid environment and make user felt better. The partition and ceiling of calcium silicate fire protective board can improve the performance of thermal insulation and moisture-proof; make the load and expense of air-conditioner and warm gas in building decreased.




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