Profile 3 corrugated asbestos–free fibre–cement roofing sheets

Profile 3® sheets are corrugated asbestos–free fibre–cement roofing sheets. They are manufactured from high quality fibre, cellulose and Portland cement blended with water. The roofing sheets derive their strengths from the Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) reinforcement fibers which significantly increase the mechanical properties of the sheet. The small profile of these products makes them particularly suitable for a wide range of domestic, commercial, agricultural and light industrial buildings.




Mechanical Properities
Bending Stress 10N/mm2
Density 1.6g/cm3
Breaking load 800N/m
Water absorption 35%
Moisture content 10%
Modulus of elasticity 6500N/mm2
Thermal conductivity 0.25 W/mK
Thermal expansion 0.4 mm/m – Saturated to oven dry – Strong direction
Hydric expansion 3.5 mm/m – Oven dry to saturated – Strong direction




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