Pre-finished fiber cement board

Fiber Cement Cover Coloured Board

Using high density cement fiber board as base material, Pre-finished fiber cement Wall Panels are treated on surface by UV curable technology.

 Dimension: 1220x2440mm/1200x2400mm, Max Length: 3050mm

Thickness: 5mm-20mm


  • Base material has high strength because of high temperature treatment & high precision

Manufacturing process.

  • Panels are FR compliant and can qualify for FR grade ‘A2’.
  • It has good appearance and is available in all types of finishes whether it is matt, gloss or

high gloss depending on the product texture. We can also offer customized finishes on request.

  • Panels are weather resistant as special treatment is done on the surface during manufacturing.
  • Pre-finished fiber cement Wall Panel comes in excellent finishes and it offers heat insulation at the same time.
  • Panels have very smooth surface finish and it does not allow dust particles to settle down.

It offers self-cleaning function


Pre-finished fiber cement Wall Panel can be used for Interior as well as Exterior finishes for walls, ceiling, residential,

Commercial, hospitality, transportation hubs like Airports, Railway station, Bus stops, etc.


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