Perforated MgO Board

Acoustic(perforated)Mgo boardPerforated MgO Board, one kind of new perforated acoustic material, looks like to perforated gypsum board, due to superior performance of MgO board itself, which is a good substitute of Danoline, USG and Boral, Gyptone acoustic perforated gypsum board and mineral fiber ceiling tile.



Based material: MgO board w/o or with paper coated and acoustic fleece
Fire rating Class A
High impact resistant
Water resistant
Clean appearance
Environmental friendly, 100% do not contain asbestos

Technical data:
Perforation pattern:
A. Round hole: 6/12mm, 8/10mm, 10/20mm, 15/15mm
Open area: 23.7%, 15.8%, 21.9%, 19.8%
B. Square hole: 10/20mm    open area: 20.5%
Size: 600x600mm, 600x1200mm 1200x2400x6-12mm


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