PE Membrane MgO Roofing Tiles

PE Membrane MgO Roofing TilesProduct: 3000×960×5mm  PE Membrane MgO Roofing Tiles

PET membrane is a kind ofanti-aging film, this kind of tiles could be in different color according to your require. The performance of UV blocking, corrosion resistant and servicelife

is longer. This kind tiles could be used more than 20 years.

Size & Dimension:

Length:1800mm 2000mm 2400mm 3000mm 5800mm

Width:960±5mm              720±5mm

Thickness:5.0±0.5mm     4.0±0.5mm

The roofing tiles can be made in different sizes according to customers’requirements.

Item MGO roofing sheets
Horizontal breakage >2600N/M
Vertical breakage >360N/M
Water Absorption <14%
Water resistant No seepage-soaking for 96hours
Anti-combustion No ignition combusting in 760+28 degrees flame for 30 minutes
Shock resistant Donnot craze,peel off,penetrade on the surface after 1kg iron ball dropped 1.5m height



–There are many features,such as high strength,fire-proof,heat-insulation,corrosion resistant,

acid&alkali resistant,anti-aging,shock resistant,long service.

–The MGO roofing sheets could be processed by saw,nails,drilling ,installed simply and quickly,save material cost and labor cost.



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