Outdoor quality fiber cement board

Cement Board Outdoor is an innovative way to build exterior walls and façades. The board is the ideal exterior render substrate and can be used for many other surface finishes, such as paint or brick slips. It is a robust, non-combustible building panel and helps to form equally strong but significantly thinner structures, which provides more interior space in buildings.

Through color fiber cement board_

Cement Board Outdoor is made entirely from inorganic materials and withstands even extreme weather conditions. Its flexibility allows the board to be curved, making it a highly versatile building solution.

Dimension and thickness:

Dimension:1220x2440mm or 1200x2400mm

Thickness: 8mm,9mm,10mm,12mm,15mm,18mm,20mm


Cement Board Outdoor is a future-proof building material. Besides its strength and low weight, there are multiple other benefits for architects, contractors, and building users alike:

1.100% water-resistant

2.No deterioration, swelling or loss of stability

3.Resistant to moisture, weathering, mould, and mildew

4.Freeze-thaw cycle proven

5.Stable and durable Portland cement construction

6.Board can be curved

7.Safe and hygienic material


9.Strong, robust, and highly impact-resistant


1.Curtain wall and facade

2.Base house

3.Shops, hotels, schools

4.Entertainment places and hospitals

5.Furniture Table Top or Furniture underlay



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