Non asbestos fiber cement roofing sheet

Fiber cement roof tile specifications(mm):
L: 900 to 3600
W:920 or 1100
T: 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5



In developing the roof tile products, a great number of aspects have had a vital effect on its design and appearance.

The new product would have to:

(1)Have a characteristic profile and size

(2)Include a full color range

(3)Be quick and simple to lay

(4)Be resistant to the rough climate

(5)Sell at a competitive price


(7)Light weight with high strength performance


(9)Acid-resistant with stable chemical characters

(10)Heat isolation


Fiber cement roof tile can be regarded as one of the most economical product on the market


Fire Resistant

Fiber cement roof tile are non-combustible. that means the product will not ignite in a case of fire and would also not contribute the spread of flames.



Fiber cement roof tile are excellent for roof and side for all types of building. for example industrial and agricultural buildings, our product are economy and durability.



Fiber cement roof tile are natural grey color. and we can make many different colors for customer.


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