Non asbestos fiber cement board


Non asbestos Fiber cement board offers unmatched quality, aesthetics, style and durability and is the ideal choice of smart and good looking interiors. It  is fire, water and termite resistant and has the some functional efficiency or workability as Timber/ Plywood giving you total dependability.

The non asbestos fiber cement board is made with world-class technology as backbone and therefore the product is unbeatable. Superior grade cellulose fibers and inorganic binders of siliceous base are used in the making of non-asbestos fiber cement board. The matrix once prepared is cured at high pressure and high temperature in autoclaves to achieve a high dimensional stability


The in-built cement component adds to the overall strength and durability while the pulp content that is present within gives the board workability and also flexibility. A process called ‘auto clave’ helps attain crystalline structure that in turn results in declared dimensional stability of non asbestos fiber cement board.

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