Multipurpose MgO board 12mm

Mgo board is an innovative, multi-purpose constructive board based on magnesium oxide, reinforced with multiple layers of glass fibre mesh. Mgo board is highly durable, incombustible (fire rated Class A1), lightweight, energy efficient, sound isolating, weather proof, impact resistant and above all easy to install, which saves time and labor.

Mgo Partition wall panel

 Mgo board sheets are available in various lengths, widths and thicknesses. They can be used for limitless indoor and outdoor applications for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Mgo boards are easily utilized in the construction of: false ceilings, rooftop construction, roofing underlayment, wall cladding, duct covers, drywall partitions, prefab construction, interior design.

 Magnesium Oxide Boards are non a hazardous waste. Treat any collective dust as construction industry waste in accordance with local legislations

 Mgo board Should be stored on flat surface, in a dry, covered and well ventilated area.

Dimensions :

2440 x 1220 mm

2700 x 1220 mm

3000 x 1220 mm

Thickness: 12mm

Colour white (standard). Other colours on request

Surface :

front side: smooth

back side: non-sanded or sanded


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