Magnesium Oxide Fireproofing Materials

Home of the Best Magnesium Oxide board, that is water fire rot freeze and termite resitant


It is made of magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, fiberglass mesh, perlite, saw dust, etc.

Main features :

1.         fireproof:

It reaches the standard of GB8624, CLASS A, British standard 476: part7:1997, and part 4:1970 class one surface spread of flame, and non-combustible class

2.         waterproof:

It can keep its shape and character after soaking in water for a few days.

3.         Soundproof and heat preservation

4.         No asbestos

5.         Environmental protection:

It is totally 100% green boards

6.         Easy to install:

It can be treated in the way of sawing, planning, drilling, nailing and cutting etc.


Test results


Test item Technical requirement Test results Results
Density (t/m3) 1.05 Qualified
Bending strength(Mpa) 10 16.0 Qualified
Impact strength(KJ/m2) 2.5 10 Qualified
Moisture absorption No moisture No moisture Qualified
Water content  (%) 8 3.7 Qualified
Contraction rate when heated  (%) 0.3 0.1 Qualified
Expansion when put into water  (%) 0.6 0.23 Qualified
Crisp coefficient 0.7 1.3 Qualified
Warp when heated () 3 0.12 Qualified
Put out of nails e<6 6<e<10 e >10 35 Qualified
25 20 15



1220X2440, 1200×2500/2600/3000, 900X1800, 900X2400 (mm) etc.

Max Length:3000mm

Thickness: 3-40(mm)


Note: Other sizes can be ordered according to customers requests.


Main usage:

Magnesium oxide board have been used primarily as fireproof materials for walls and ceilings in office buildings, apartment complexes, residential constructions, hotels, theaters, restaurants, railway stations, airports, scientific research institutions, schools, hospitals, and stadiums. Some patterned products have been used as decorative boards.

It also can be used as an interlayer for building, movable partitions, sound-absorbing structures, sound insulation structures, heat insulation and preservation structures, sign boards, fireproof partition walls, low fencing partitions, fireproof pipeline, fireproof doors, cornice baffle boards, public restroom dividers, baseboards, truck cabinets and billboards etc.

cabinets and billboards etc.


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