Mgo board VS Gypsum Board

Fireproof Magnesium Oxide BoardMgO board has different characteristics than gypsum. It can be scored and snapped but better results come from cutting with carbide saws and shaping with routers.  Attachment can be done using a nail gun, which results in much faster construction time or screws that are able to self countersink work. MgO board generally has superior strength than gypsum for impact, fastener holding, and shear applications. A single screw in a 12 mm board can hold 200 lbs in shear and half that amount in tension. Due to its hardness, Corner and J beads are not required. Joints do not have to be on a stud and it is possible to go from board installation to painting the same day. Moreover, because of its stiffness, thinner boards can be used. Ten millimeter or three eighth inch works well  for walls  and eight millimeter can be used for ceilings.


What Differentiates MgO Board From other Materials?fire-resistant-gypsum-board

MgO Board is virtually impervious to: 
MgO boards actively prevent the growth of mold or mildew and are also environmentally friendly and non-toxic.


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