Mgo board introduction and advantage

HBD® provides a better alternative for healthy, affordable, durable, and energy efficient buildings. MgO board is a technologically advanced building material offering superior performance in every category when compared to traditional wood, gypsum, and cement based products.

Since MgO board is a mineral based green building product and it is homogeneous, there will be no delamination over time. It can also have a positive impact on occupants’ health and safety while extending the life of the building investment. In addition to the above characteristics, MgO has excellent adhesion values that are perfect for Portland stucco, acrylic stucco, wallpaper, stone, tile, brick, and much more.

Wherever gypsum and fiber-cement products are used, MgO is a superior alternative. Applications include: interior walls, ceilings, backer board, and underlayment; exterior wall cladding, soffit, siding, and trim. MgO is also widely used in MgO Insulated Panels (MIP) and such Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) applications as MgO Cladding System, an integral rain-screen commercial grade siding.


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