MGO Board for Structural Insulated Panels Sips for Prefabricated Constructions

EPS/XPS Mgo Sandwich Panel

EPS or XPS Mgo board

Mgo sandwich panel is a fire-resistant, highly insulating, sandwhich panel that is based on Mgo board. It is manufactured by laminating two sheets of Mgo board to an expanded polystyrene(EPS)foma core or foam board. Thanks to the use of special bonding and vacuum technologies, Mgo sandwich panels are ideally suited for high-strength(prefabricated)load-bearing constructions in buildings, bungalows and other housing applications.

Width 1220mm;

Length 2440/2700/3050mm

Density 15-18kg/m3

Mgo EPS board

Main Performance:

  1. Sound insulation and kepp warm.
  2. Fireproof:A grad non combustible Mgo board and flame retardant-grad EPS and XPS
  3. Green and environmental-friendly.
  4. Easy to construct, save the cost of installation


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