Main difference between Magnesium Sulphate Board and Magnesium Oxide Board

Compare with Magnesium Oxide Board,Magnesium Sulphate Board prevent the humidity absorption becuase of its chemical features.

Magnesium Oxide Board is made of magnesium oxide,magnesium chloride(MgCl2),perlite,chip,non-woven fabric,fiberglass mesh.

When magnesium chloride react with magnesium oxide,it may not react completely with each other and led to come out to the surface of the board,magnesium chloride itself has the function of moisture absorption,so it will absorb water from the air because of the extra unreacted magneisum chloride,make the board become very damp and affect the life span.

Magnesium sulfate board, also known as MgO sulphate board or MgSo4 board, is widely used in building construction in recent years, its biggest advantage is not to absorb moisture back to halogen, and there are many sources of magnesium sulfate, including the reuse of industrial waste acid.The main raw materials of magnesium sulfate board are magnesium oxide, magnesium sulfate, perlite, halogen, fiberglass mesh and so on.
Because the main raw materials of Magnesium sulfate board are MgO and MgSO4,it widens the application areas of the board. Magnesium sulfate board overcome the problems of original MgO board,like moisture absorption back to halogen, easy to warp deformation.
According to the different raw material and technology, MGO sulfate board can be divided common mgo board and sanding mgo board.


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