Main Advantages of MgO Roofing over Colour Steel Sheeting

100% non-asbestos high strength MGO anti-corosion insulated fireproof waterproof MGO roofing tile


Energy conservation: MgO roofing sheet has good heat insulation performance and can save energy consumption of the building. The heat insulation performance is determined by the physical performance of the raw materials, the heat conductivity is 0.169W/m.K. The MgO roofing heat insulation performance is improved due to sunlight reflection off the aluminium foil.


  MgO Roofing
Cement Roofing
Colour Steel Sheet Composite PVC
Heat Conductivity 0.169W/m.K 2.37W/m.K 46.53W/m.K 3.0W/m.K
The lower heat conductivity, the better heat insulation performance. MgO Roofing sheet is suitable for summer,strong sun light and hot weather.


  1. Fireproof: MgO roofing has excellent fire proofing performance. The colour sheet requires additional fire proofing rock wool to improve its heat insulation and fire proof performance.
  2. Product life: The colour steel sheet normally needs to be maintained, painted and anti-rust treated every three to four years and every 6 to 8 years must be replaced. MgO Roofing life span is more than 20 to 30 years. The comprehensive application cost of MgO roofing is less than colour steel sheeting.
  3. Acid and alkali resistance: MgO roofing can be used under strong acid and alkali conditions. Colour steel sheet cannot bear acid and alkali.
  4. Comprehensive application costs: The comprehensive application costs of MgO roofing is far less than corrugated steel sheet. The product life can reach over 30 years. The material and labour cost of renovating, changing and maintaining the steel sheet roofing is more expensive than MgO roofing. The excellent heat insulation performance of MgO roofing can save a lot of energy consumption cost than the steel roofing sheet building. The additional heat insulation layer of corrugated steel sheet also adds additional costs.

Heat Insulation

Mgo roofing sheet heat insulation


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