Magnesium Oxide Roofing Sheets

100% asbestos free mgo roof sheet

Magnesium Oxide Roofing Sheets Specification:

Length: 1520-3000mm


Thickness: 4mm-7mm




-Insulation: Low Thermal conductivity. Prominent performance for heat insulation.

-Acid, alkaline &fungi resistance and Free of Asbestos, Long lasting and enhances quality of life.

-Excellent waterproof property. The product material is insoluble in water with a multilayer waterproof protective film.

-Environmental Protection. Energy conservation, environmental protection, fireproofing, fungi free, sound absorption make it a greener product.

-Strength: High Strength, excellent toughness, yet tensile enough to prevent deformation and cracking.

-Resistance to wind &torrential rain, strong against adverse weather conditions

-Practical: Easy to carry, saw, drill, install with excellent 90% performance because of small overlap position.

-Durability: Lifelong under normal conditions

-Beautifying: Built-in colour options


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