Light weight High quality Calcium Silicate Ceiling Board

Calcium Silicate Ceiling Features:

1.Raw material: tobermorite, cement, quartz sand and fiber
2.Fire rating test: incombustible class A
3.Moisture content: <12%
4.Thermal conductive index: average 0.20W/MK
5.Radiation: accords with set standards
6.Anti-sagging, no distortion in high moisture area
7.Light weight and easily trimmed
8. Heat insulating,soundproof, fireproof
9.Easy installation and maintenance
10.Durable and safe
11.Suitable for use in offices, shopping centers, workshops, schools, hospitals and terminal stations

Various Pattern choices:

calcium silicate ceiling 1副本

Other patterns can be produced according to customers needs. 
Dimensions available:509 x 509mm; 605 x 605mm,1220x2440mm

Thickness:5.5mm;6mm; other thickness can be produced according to customer’s needs

REMARK: We can also supply other specification as the client’s specially requirement




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