Kitchens exhaust smoke special Mgo fireproof board

Magnesium board (flue of kitchen and toilet special fireproof board) is fire resistance, sound insulation, non-toxic and tasteless, not bad and not rots and can be nailed, wide application range, simple construction, long service life.

1220x2440x10mm Inspection report

Test items  technical requirements detection results single judge
Apparent density(t/m3)   1.05 Qualified
flexural strength(MPa) ≥10 16 Qualified
impact strength(KJ/㎡) ≥2.5 10 Qualified
Anti halogen No water, no damp No water, no damp Qualified
factory water content(%) ≤8 3.7 Qualified
Dry shrinkage(%) ≤0.3 0.1 Qualified
swelling rate(%) ≤0.6 0.23 Qualified
drying rate of warping(‰) ≤3 0.12 Qualified
Nail holding power(N/m)


e<6 6≤e≤10 e >10 35 Qualified
≥25 ≥20 ≥15

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