Installation Mgo board


No special toos are required. The products can be used with normal nails, fastened by normal or self-driling screw and cut by an electric power saw with a diamond blade


Magnesium Oxide board can be fixed to both timber(minimum size 1.5×3 inches) or steel frames(at least 0.55mm thickness). The board must be supported at the edge at intermediate positions with centers not exceeding 600mm. Screws must be located more than 12mm from edges and 50mm from board corners


Fasterners can be both nails and screws. It can be nailed directly to timber supports with round wire nails. For metal screws, the size and length of the screw depends on the thickness of the board and the gauge of framing pre-drilling the board is a must unless self-embeding,self-drilling head scres such as Magnesium Oxide board(for fixing8-12mm board to steel frame) and Magnesium oxide board(for fixing 15-20mm board to steel frame ) are used.


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