How to install fiber cement corrugated roofing sheet

The first type of roof sheets we’ll look at are Aluminium roof sheets. They are the most commonly used type, and are lightweight, strong and long lasting (aluminium is resistant to rust). They come in a variety of different designs and are environmentally friendly (as they are completely recyclable and are made using recycled materials). Aluminium roof sheets don’t require much maintenance.

Non-Asbestos roof sheets are made with a mixture of cement and fiber, which gives them extra strength and durability.  Cement roof sheets, or fibre cement roof sheets, are sheets of molded cement that has been mixed with natural or synthetic fibre. These roof sheets are inexpensive and very strong and durable. Fibre cement roof sheets also keep buildings more insulated and are quieter with rain than metal roof sheets. Corrugated roof sheets are a popular choice for a small workplace, and come in galvanised metal (for example steel) and plastic (PVC). The gutters within them (when placed at a slant) help excess water to drain off the roof surface, which prevents damage in the long-term. Polycarbonate roof sheets, or fibreglass roof sheets, are very strong, yet lightweight, and durable. They are perfect for a shed, carport or patio. Polycarbonate roof sheets come in a ribbed or corrugated pattern, which helps with water drainage if placed at a slant.


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