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Mgo Roofing sheet



HBD® MgO high strength anti-corrosion insulation roofing tiles is a kind of energy-saving,environmental protect roofing material.
The roofing tiles is made of several kinds of inorganic chemical  materials, after production line processing and combined.
There are  many features, such as fire-proof, heat-insulation, corrosion-resistant, acid& alkali resistant, anti-aging, high strength, shock resistant, long  service life, etc.The MGO  roofing  tiles could be processed by saw, nails, drilling, Installed simple andquickly, save material cost and labor cost.


The main function, efficacy

  1. Acid&Alkali Resistant

When the PH value is between 2 and 12, the tiles will not be affected. So it is the best choice of roofing material for Chemical Plant, Steel Plant, Hardware Factory, and all kinds of animal farms, etc. In such highly corrosive environment, the roof will not have to be rebuilt every 2-3years, low-cost, long service life.

  1. Fireproof

After the checking and measuring of the national authorized organization, It’s
fire-retardant reached grade A1. No ignition combusting in 760±28flame for 30minutes

  1. High strength

The MgO roofing tiles is very strong and shock-resistant,
Horizontal Breakage:2400N/M
Vertical Breakage:300N/M
Shock Resistant:Do not craze,peel off,penetrate on the surface after 1kg iron ball fall on it from 1.5m height

  1. Environmental protection

100% without asbestos.
Without any harmful substance,and do not Produce any harmful gas
when burning.

  1. Heat Insulation

The raw material of “Iron crown”MgO Roofing tiles is MgO, which is kind of Naturalheat insulation material. After inspected by National Inspection Centre, the heat conductivity of MgO Roofing tiles is 0.169. So it is a kind of cold roofing material and energy-saving roofing material.


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