HD fiber cement cladding similar with ETER-COLOR

HD Fiber cement cladding



Texture: Smooth, natural hues in the sheet. Through colored (surface + edges same colour).
Use: Exterior, Interior
Reference: Residential & Commercial Buildings, hospitals, Metro Stations…

HD fiber cement cladding sheet is a coloured throughout fibre cement board with a clear waterproof shield that protects and enhances the natural finish of the product. The base sheet is a high density autoclaved fibre cement sheet. The panel’s random cement configuration from panel-to-panel and within panels gives it the appearance of finished concrete.

1,220 x 2,500 mm
1,220 x 3,050 mm
Thickness: 8mm

The colour is through-out the sheet. Natural colour differences, possibly accentuated by the orientation of the sheet, the viewing angle and the effects of light and moisture, are possible. The sheet becomes a little lighter with aging. The surface of the sheet is characterised by fine sanding lines and white spots.

• fire safe (no fire ignition, no spread of fire)
• sound insulating • resistant to extreme temperatures
• water resistant (if in compliance with application guideline)
• resistant to many living organisms (fungi, bacteria, insects, vermin, etc.)
• resistant to many chemicals
• environmentally friendly, no harmful gas emissions


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